Every 20th January in Qormi we celebrate the feast St. Sebastian, our patron saint.  Here are some photos from the night, which started with a band march around some main streets in Qormi.  Then we continued the festivities with an after-party at the Band Club, playing band songs and feast marches.  David, my brother, played a feast mix as well.  Now we’re just counting the days to the week-long summer feast in July!!
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.49.10 PM.png

// Kull 20 ta’ Jannar f’Ħal Qormi niċċelebraw il-festa tal-qaddis patrun tagħna San Bastjan.  Dawn huma ftit mir-ritratti tal-lejl li beda bil-marċ brijuż madwar it-toroq ewlenin.  Imbagħad komplejna niċċelebraw il-festa, fil-Każin b”party’ bid-diski tal-marċi.  David, ħija, daqq ‘mix’ tal-festa wkoll.  Issa bdejna ngħoddu l-ġranet għall-festa l-kbira tas-Sajf, f’Lulju!

xoxo Ruth

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