Back to the dark side


Well, this post has been due some time now!

After the summer holidays, it was time to say goodbye to my sunkissed hair and warm up with darker, glossier locks.  I always think it’s nice to go dark for winter anyway, so I headed to Mer’s Hair Salon in Qormi for a seasonal overhaul.


Mer, the lovely girl who tackled my hair with milk_shake products, cut off about an inch and added some more layers. She used her ‘magic scissors’ (what I decided to call it, because it practically does magic! But it actually is a Split-Ender Pro) to chop off my split ends and made them disappear!



I left feeling like a new woman! I loved the colour and the layers gave it a really nice bounce.

What do you think?


For more information you can visit Mer’s Hair Salon page on Facebook here.  I suggest you fix an appointment for a consultation with Mer by calling on 99210330.  She will be more than glad to answer your queries and help you get that look you’ve always wanted, whilst keeping your hair healthy.

  • This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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