Celebrating my 39th year with The Bees 🐝

On Wednesday the Sette Giugno, was my 39th birthday and also the wedding day of Christina & Daniel, aka The Bees.  Daniel is my brother’s childhood best friend and we’ve know Christina since she was born as she’s our relative/friend/cousin/kinswoman (it’s a bit complicated yeah!!)

Here are a few photos from their beautiful wedding day. I wish I grabbed more photos of Christina in her dress! She was just breathtaking! I didn’t want to bother her too much though as she was busy celebrating with guests, but you can certainly tell from the few photos here, that she looked utterly gorgeous.

(I would also like to thank them for throwing me such a huge party on my birthday!! Cheers🍻 )

I am so grateful for Christina & Daniel and can’t wait to watch this next chapter unfold for them. Hugs & kisses to you both, honey-bees! 🐝🐝

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One thought on “Celebrating my 39th year with The Bees 🐝

  1. Christina Buttigieg Falzon Vidal says:

    WOW, I’m speechless! You brought back so many memories of our big day! Thanks for dedicating this blog post to us, thanks for your beautiful words and most of all thanks for being part of it! I’m happy that we’ve made your birthday a one to remember. Much love from #mrandmrsbee!


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