New Puppy Checklist

New Puppy Checklist

Nothing beats the joy of having a new puppy.  Like a newborn baby, a puppy needs to be taken care of constantly.  Like a mother getting her nursery ready for her child, so do you  have to prepare supplies for your new furry friend.

Collar, ID tag & Leash

Get your puppy accustomed to wearing a collar and ID tag as soon as possible.  Introduce him to his leash and try walking him around inside.  That way, he’ll be ready to go outside when he’s fully immunized.

Crate & Bed

Find a crate that’s just the right size for your puppy.  Ideally it should have some room to sit and stretch.  Add in a small, soft bed for your puppy to sleep on.

Food & Bowls

Get puppy specific food and serve in stainless steel bowls.  Have a bowl of fresh water available at all times.

Plush Toys & Bones

You’ll soon learn that a new puppy likes to chew anything and everything!  Have an assortment of squeaky plush toys, rubber balls and puppy bones and rotate alternatively so your puppy won’t get bored.

Puppy Pads

These are essential for indoor housetraining.  However I don’t really recommend them, as your dog  might not be able to distinguish between carpets and puppy pads! So avoid them if you can.

Grooming Products & Tools

Purchase a specific puppy shampoo, which is more gentle on the puppy’s sensitive skin and delicate coat.  Introduce him to brushing, combing and nail clipping as early as possible, so that he’ll get used to being groomed.

Also, you might want to invest in a good camera, to capture those silly moments and memorable events which will last a lifetime!

Enjoy those beautiful first days with your new puppy.  Savour each and every minute.  Before you know it, days turn to weeks, weeks turn to years and the little puppy you once brought home will become that loving dog and your bestest friend!

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xoxo Ruth


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